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Sevierville, TN

Soaky Mountain Waterpark

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Visit Santa's
Snowy Mountain!

Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland has moved to a brand new location this year! Drive into a world of enchantment and holiday magic as you immerse yourself in a mesmerizing array of custom-built light displays, all synchronized perfectly to the festive tunes playing on your radio. Now at Soaky Mountain Waterpark, this captivating experience includes not just one, but THREE dazzling drive-through RGB tunnels, creating a kaleidoscope of colors that will leave you in awe. And that's not all – a magnificent 50' RGB light tree will stand tall, lighting up the night sky with its shimmering brilliance. But the magic doesn't end there. Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey through SANTA'S SAFARI, where you'll encounter the jolliest man himself and his merry friends from the North Pole. Watch as they enjoy exciting jeep excursions, compete in diving contests, engage in hilarious keep-away games with the hippos, and relax by the shimmering water hole. The mischievous elves are sure to sprinkle some delightful surprises along the way, providing plenty of opportunities for super fun snapshots and everlasting memories. Then head to Santa's Snowy Mountain for loads of fun for the whole family! Pack up your friends, family, favorite tasty treats, and come enjoy an evening of Christmas bliss, all from the safety and comfort of your own vehicle.

Voted #1 Light Show in TN

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November 17, 2023 - January 7, 2024
M-F:  6-10pm
Sat-Sun:  6-10pm or later
Including Holidays (Rain or Shine)

Standard Ticket

Convenience, Flexibility, Savings!


Gate Ticket Price:  $39.95

Value Ticket



Gate Ticket Price: $29.95 

Ticket Information

  • Standard tickets can be used on any day. Buy online and save!

  • Value tickets are only valid on days marked as "Value days" in the calendar.

  • The rates for Value tickets are lower than the rates for Standard tickets.

  • Tickets are for one-time use only and cannot be used for multiple entries.

  • Season tickets are currently unavailable.

Remember, to enjoy the benefits of convenience, flexibility, and savings is by purchasing an online ticket in advance. However, if you prefer, tickets can also be purchased on-site from the comfort of your own vehicle, and both credit cards and cash are accepted at the ticket booth.

So, mark your calendar and prepare for an unforgettable adventure filled with twinkling lights, festive melodies, and the spirit of Christmas. The ultimate holiday experience awaits you, and it's all just a car ride away!

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